We at Parekh’s Dental Clinic provide excellent dental care to our patients .We offer following services that would ensure complete freedom to issues related to oral health.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth coloured fillings Dr Bandish and Dr Pallavi have a Special interest towards aesthetics.We use the best quality composites for tooth coloured fillings.

Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry Dr. Pallavi Parekh is a certified implantologist.We maintain very high standards in placing the best quality implants.

Single/Multi visit Root canal Treatment

Intraligamentart Dr. Bandish has done his masters in endodontics which makes him a root   canal specialist.With our advanced armamentarium we are equipped to perform same day root canal procedures. Single tooth anesthesia techniques enable us to perform Root canal treatment almost painlessly

Second Chanve

second chanve Every body deserves a second chanve with their teeth and here are Parekh’s dental clinic.We offer good quality complete/partial dentures for our patients with missing teeth. Regular check Ups with the dentist ensure that you do not loose your teeth at an earlier age.

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and Polishing One of easiest procedures carried out in dentistry. We use our efficient software (practo) to remind our patients every 6 months to come down for a cleaning procedure to ensure a prolonged dental health. We use a good quality satelec scaler which makes sure the enamel is not harmed during the scaling procedure.

Crown and bridge

Crown and bridge One of the oldest procedures in dentistry is crown and bridge done to replace a missing tooth.With our single tooth impression systems we take fast accurate impressions Only of the tooth in concern.  Our patients find our automix impression system very comfortable as opposed to full mouth impression techniques of the past.