Endomotor – X Smart

Endomotor1Armamentarium necessary to perform one visit root canals and also more efficient treatment. A must for every clinic.

Elipar Light Cure Gun

Elipar-Light-Cure-Gun1Advanced cordless high intensity light to cure cosmetic fillings. Lesser time required per filling. Better treatment outcome.

X Ray Machine

Digital Xray Our state-of-art digital X ray machine ( X mind, Aceton, France) emits  negligible radiation and minimizes the risk of radiation exposure and helps us get images instantly. Extremely convenient for the patient to get x rays taken in reclining position.

Automatic Impression material dispense

Automatic-Impression-material-dispenser1We would  say goodbye to slow setting impression material that often induces a gag reflex in patients and make them less  inclined to visit Dental clinics. With our fully automated impression system we can take partial one step impressions with higher accuracy.

Digital Xray

Digital-Xray1Digital Radiography is a boon to both the dentist as well as the patient. Our patients find the treatment to be fast and convenient as images taken with this Machine are instant and displayed within a fraction of a second. It is also a tool used by us to better explain the treatment performed.

Intra – Oral Camera

Intra – Oral CameraWe explain our Patients each and every procedure in detail with the help of clicking pictures at every stage of dental treatment. We Believe transparency is an important aspect to gain trust and confidence of the patients. Also as each picture is magnified we can arrive at more accurate diagnosis and carry out better treatment.


Autoclave Cleanliness is next to godliness. a good autoclave is mandatory for any clinic to maintain complete sterilization and disinfection. We maintain A strict international protocol which involves packing instruments in sterile  pouches before auto claving to prevent any contamination between patient and doctor or patient and patient.