Q? I have a missing molar. I had it extracted when I was younger. I can perfectly manage eating even without this tooth. Is it really necessary to replace it? From Prachi Kothari, Matunga.

Yes it is very important to replace all missing teeth. Nature has its way of closing any space in the mouth and this may lead to further complications. The adjoining teeth tilt and also the tooth form the opposite arch can supra erupt. This can cause severe gum problems and also accumulation of food. It is best to replace missing teeth with implants/ bridges or Dentures best advised by a dentist.

Q? Is it important to preserve my childs tooth. He is just 6 years old and we have been advised a root canal for one of his teeth by a dentist? I did not know we that root canals can be performed for children too. We Wanted a Second Opinion ? From Meera Savla, Sion.

Primary or Milk Teeth Have a very significant role in the childs mouth until their successors erupt. It is not Uncommon to perform root canal treatment for children as sometimes that is the only way to preserve them for as long as possible. Many parents believe that extracting such milk teeth is a better option as another set is on the way. But this is not recommended. Space occupied by the milk tooth needs to be preserved to make sure the permanent teeth erupt in proper place and form. You are most welcome for a second opinion. You can book an appointment for our clinic directly from the home page.

Q? I brush twice a day. How do I still get cavities ? From Prasad Naik, Worli.

Simply brushing one’s teeth twice a day is not merely enough to ensure dental hygiene.  A visit to a dentist every 6 months is very important. During this visit any new cavities must be filled, scaling or cleaning must be performed as deemed necessary.  You should ask your dentist to show you what is the right way to brush to begin with. Most of the patients incorporate a wrong technique for brushing which many times worsens the situation.



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